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Grenoble accommodations, cottages and hotels in COVID time

Where to sleep Grenoble during the health crisis?

Are you in Grenoble, visiting family, friends, a business trip, visiting a loved one in hospital at the CHU, or enjoying the mountains on weekends?

How to find and choose a nice place to stay and eat, as long as restaurants and bar are closed or constrained by curfew?

Accommodation in Grenoble in COVID time 1

Accommodation and dining in Grenoble in COVID time

Health constraints do not make life easier between the curfew and the closure of restaurants. It's hard to find a place to land, to have a good time in accordance with the health rules.

Autonomous entrance and room service

The priority is to allow you to stay in the best conditions but also to eat at normal times at which most restaurants and shops are closed;

Remote contact with hosts

If we have opened guest rooms, it is because we appreciate the contact with people, whoever they are and wherever they come from.

Nevertheless, the health situation of 2020-2021 has forced us to a new organization.

  • Autonomous arrival: The key is placed in a keybox whose code is sent just before the rental.
  • Contacts are maintained but with a distance and the protective mask.
  • Meals are possible in the rooms only to avoid risks.

Barrier gestures yes, but with friendliness

No controversy at Chalet de Rozan. We follow the health guidelines to the letter. 

But that doesn't mean that conviviality is no longer there, on the contrary! We will have all the leisure to exchange on the terrace, outdoors and distance. We can also guide you to walks, good ski plans and other possible activities in the area.

Meals: from the local… take away in the room

It is not possible to offer the guest table as usual. Alternatively, we offer a complete meal tray with local products mostly homemade or by our local producers.

The room has been arranged to ensure a nice little dining area. The trays are brought to you at the door and you give them back to us once consumed.

You avoid unnecessary travel

Don't worry about your activities and meals. All you have to do is let us know the day before that we can organize things. Most of our products come from the local market, organic or reasoned agriculture. We even have fresh eggs from our chickens that will probably come to say hello in the early morning because they are very curious!

produits du jardin
poulailler l'hiver
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