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5 must-see places to visit in Grenoble and 5 places to avoid

Key points of interest in Grenoble

In Grenoble, we have a fairly huge range of possible activities for those who are a bit sporty. If you’re not, it gets a little complicated, but you could quickly become so by staying with us!

The 5 must-see places to visit in Grenoble

The Bastille of Grenoble

There’s no way to get to Grenoble without going up there. By the famous bubbles of Grenoble, by the stairs or the path, or even by via ferrata, all means are good and you will have for your effort. Breathtaking views, historic building, well-maintained infrastructure, panoramic terrace, hook-up/spéléo friendly for families. For
get the drink at the top of the eggs but we hope that one day it will be good. On the other hand, if you are hungry and especially want to eat well in an exceptional setting, push up to Per’Gras
. We can only encourage you to push further to the minimu to Mount Jalla or even to the top of the Rachais by a very pleasant path that winds in front of the mountain ranges.

The historic centre of Grenoble

Moche Grenoble? Instead, come for a walk in the antiques district, in the court square or on the quays of the Isère. While the “historic” area with interesting buildings is not huge but it is worth a visit and most streets are now pedestrianised. Many high-quality cafes and bookstores reassure us about the vitality of this city compared to other cities killed by shopping malls. Here, we stroll, we consume (a little) responsible, we even find bulk shops like the Good Pick.

Grenoble Museums

The Isère has no less than 70 museums whose activities are well described on the Culture Isère website. The Grenoble Museum offers temporary exhibitions that are mostly popular. The museum itself is interesting and incorporates a restaurant café – the 5 – very decent and a high quality concert hall (Music Museum). The Musée Dauphinois (free) offers much-loved exhibitions with an obvious local anchorage. It deals as much with history as with telephone, flora or gastronomy. Not to be missed, this museum is housed in the convent of Saint Mary D’en Haut. A little further on, the Museum of the Revolution in Vizille remains a must-see with a (long) walk in the beautiful castle park.

Mount Saint Eynard

Perched on the cliff of the Chartreuse, this fort is a little out of time. Beyond the historical and military interest, the environment of Mount Saint Eynard is extraordinary. Less stormed than La Bastille, the panorama is even more spectacular because it is more than 1000m above sea level. Mont Blanc seems close by, the flora quite special blends perfectly with the rock to make this austere place a rejuvenating place. If you’re driving, push to the top in 15 minutes. You will feel all the time really “in the mountains” and weightlessness above the city. Day or night, walking from Vence Pass (1h) or by car, just GO!

The South Pole ice rink

Well it was necessary to have at least one place related to sport because the city of Grenoble remains marked by its sporting history. The 1968 Olympic Games shaped the city well and worse, but we still keep the very popular speed ring of Paul Mistral Park, the Sports Palace (good step ouf), the Olympic Village (mouais). The historic skating rink on Boulevard Clémenceau was replaced in 2001 by a 4000-seat complex at the level of the local team Les Bruleurs de loups. The small frustration is that the official track is very rarely open to the public but in compensation, the leisure track benefits from large windows to skate as in the op
en air. Attending a game of the Wolves’ Bruleurs is a must-see in Grenoble. Assured atmosphere and guaranteed emotion. Tip: go see a U18 or U20 match. Almost as spectacular in terms of level of play and often free (and not complete).

5 must-see places to visit in Grenoble and 5 places to escape... 2
5 must-see places to visit in Grenoble and 5 places to escape... 3
5 must-see places to visit in Grenoble and 5 places to escape... 4
5 must-see places to visit in Grenoble and 5 places to escape... 5
5 must-see places to visit in Grenoble and 5 places to escape... 6

The main places to flee in Grenoble

The city of Grenoble has developed a little too fast, wedged between its four massifs – which have not always been well assumed or really respected!

The 5 places to escape in Grenoble to avoid ruining your stay

Grand Place

The temple of mass consumption, of bad food, is located on the edge of Echirolles. All the brands are jostling with the offers that can be found everywhere else. Apart from the nearby ice rink, to avoid absolutely!

The “modern” Grenoble

The development of Grenoble in the 1960s and 1970s caused enormous damage. One could imagine a contest of the ugliest building, without pointing the finger at certain neighborhoods, it is enough to follow the course of the Liberation (one of the largest avenues of France) to realize the extent of the damage. More generally, the most affected municipalities surround Grenoble: Saint Martin D’Heres, Echirolles, Poisat, Fontaine, Meylan, etc. But beware, each of these communes retains a small “village center” old friendly and pleasant residential or popular neighborhoods. La Tronche is one of the only towns very close to the city centre to have been relatively untouched.
<h3La place Grenette

At the same time unavoidable and also of little interest, this place brings together coffee of standardized chains, Galeries Lafayettes, La Fnac, France Leisure. We have nothing against but it is useless to come to Grenoble to see this, you will find – in this style – much better in Paris or Lyon.

The City Hotel

Yes the town hall of Grenoble is perplexing and everyone is entitled to wonder if the city called on a professional architect at the time so the building is horrible. However, the administrative procedures are very efficient and my faith, even if everyone would like to do it again, as long as it remains functional, we will be content with it. Yet the Mistral Park and the stadium just behind are great successes as well as the plant garden just across the street.

The Comboire Space and the A48

Very convenient when arriving or passing in Grenoble thanks to its 2 dedicated motorway ramps. We are immediately in the abominable atmosphere that reigns there. If Grenoble has such a bad reputation as an ugly city, the Space Comboire is probably strongly responsible. It punctuates the arrival in Grenoble by the A48 motorway, which is particularly served in urban disasters from Voreppe to Saint Egrève in particular.
In short, close your eyes (except the driver), it will be better after!